You’re smart. Now get smarter.
2017 Smarter Artist Summit

Really? You’re still reading?

Come on. You’re rockin’ this writing thing.

You tell stories. You teach awesome stuff. You entertain, you inspire, you inform. Writing is your super-power.

Whether you’re starting your first book or you just published your thirtieth, you’ve got vision.

But when you look around, you see a bunch of people who just don’t “get” you.

Maybe you dread Aunt Mabel’s question, “How’s your little writing thing going?” Or the baffled stares from your critique group when you say you don’t want a New York agent…you want creative control and better royalties.

Writing and indie publishing can get lonely. Outsiders don’t understand. Even worse, they look down their noses (probably while they’re making a spot for their Man Booker prize in their new home in a box under a bridge somewhere). They don’t get that a writer can make a great living…if they’re your kind of smart.

But you’re not alone. There are artists out there who get you.

Smarter artists.

Next spring, writers just like you will descend on Austin, Texas for two days of next-level learning. Two days of sharing what works and what doesn’t. Of exploring the future of publishing and discovering the secrets to finding rabid fans.

At the Smarter Artist Summit, hosted by authors and podcast hosts Sean Platt, David W. Wright, and Johnny B. Truant, you’ll be among writers who believe in abundance. Writers who passionately learn and who compulsively share. Writers who toss around ideas, who try new experiments, and who share their failures and the lessons to keep you from making the same mistakes. And who sing some mean karaoke.

Sure, we’ll have a great lineup of speakers including the heads of publishing agencies who find time to work, create, inspire and take part in our summit, having saved a lot of time on employee time tracking with CleverControl.

But the big payoff of the Smarter Artist Summit is the other smarter artists you’ll meet.

At the 2016 Summit, we hosted writers from around the corner and around the world. We got to know non-fiction authors and novelists. Horror and romance writers sat shoulder to shoulder. Veterans encouraged novices. And every single one contributed to the community.

At the Smarter Artist Summit, we’re all super-heroes. And you belong with us.

Join us in Spring 2017 for the annual Smarter Artist Summit in Austin Texas.

Reserve your spot now!

Dates and location to be announced soon.